RPT Winter week 17 – Final week

Posted on by Peter Shaw

This week bring us to week 17 of the competition. The last round of our competition. So check the results and see were your team is placed and who you are playing in the grand-finals and playoffs.



Unfortunately some teams have byes in the last round and those not playing finals are generally playing in later slots. If for some reason your team is struggling for players let me know ASAP as I will rejigg it to ensure everyone who wants to play on our last night can do so.

some other thing to note are:

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RPT Winter 2015 Finals

Posted on by Peter Shaw

The draw is here, those playing finals the games are highlighted in bold. Those not making finals are playing in friendlies.


Teams playing finals should also note there is no extra time at RPT, so in the event of a draw the higher team goes through to the grand final. Also teams playing in C grade one small change to the format in that Phantoms get pass straight through to the grand final (where they will play the winner of Team Touchysaurus and Red Devils)

Teams are reminded of our uniform policy:
Most teams are very good in this regard but for the benefit of our referees penalties for players out of uniform will be enforced in finals.

Pub Sponsor
Teams are also reminded of our pub sponsor, Hardimans Hotel, and the jug vouchers that are available to teams after their games at RPT.  I haven’t been able to get along this season so any feedback on the social side at Hardimans has been going would be appreciated.

Individual players
Teams who need an extra a player(s) for the rest of the season (or future seasons). Please let me know as I have a few who are keen to get involved. Note if you are playing a final this week new players are not eligible.

Finally and most importantly our emphasis is on participation so those teams missing finals will still play over the remaining two weeks of the season, so it is very important to remind your team this is not the final week.